Window to water

Our water stations are immediately identified by the unique bottle refill dispenser. The bottle rest is designed to hold an array of bottle variants and operates with a touch-free sensor to avoid cross-contamination.

Touch-free, health first

The health of our users is our first consideration. With touch-free technology and a range of hygienic design features, our clients have the peace of mind that they are providing a secure source of safe drinking water.

Sustainability tracking and live usage data

Behind the seamless design is smart technology giving you the complete picture of your water stations. All meetpat portable products include a digital water meter that can be used with our proprietary data management system. This allows you to record each station’s usage with practical data to track performance and monitor usage. Use the data to create reports for event usage and to achieve sustainability goals.

Optional accessories

Hose Kit


You need this if you don’t have any compatible hosing system and want to set up and operate straight away. An easy to fit, safe water hose kit, adds reliable connection and drainage for the portable stations. The kit comes complete with; 1x water supply hosing, 1x drainage hosing and 2x tap adapters (AUS / US). The kit enables a single water station set up, to suitable water inlet and outlet hosing to drainage point.

Portable Carry Bag


Add this if you want to store and transport your unit in a single package. Can be either carried using the shoulder strap, handle or wheeled over sealed surfaces. Purposely designed and manufactured to easily fit; the portable refill station, moulded base, bolt-down kit and hosing.

Joiner Hose Kit


You need this if you want to connect multiple units together. The kit comes complete with; 2x joiner hose, enabling the connection of two refill stations. All additional refill stations require multiple kits to be purchased. Continues the portable supply and waste line.

Bolt Down Kit


You need this if you want to increase the stability of portable units and provide additional tamper protection of hosing. Great for larger events. An easy to fit, heavy duty bolt down kit, consisting of 2 ramps. Individual platforms with a non-slip top surface are simply fitted to the top of a portable base. This system can quickly be added or removed from your event set up, with easy hand tighten recessed bolts.

Water Filter


Carbon Filter. You need this if you want to filter any additional dirt and particles as small as 5 microns. Inhibits the growth of bacteria, reduces chlorine taste and odour and improves the taste of the water.


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