Our mission is to deliver innovative, safe drinking water solutions while contributing to sustainable impact for people and the planet.

On tap branding!

Introducing the world’s first branded water station system: Your premium billboard with benefits. Our quick, interchangeable system lets you promote your brand or message while offering the genuine service of free filtered water. Engage directly with users and capture their attention with every refreshing meetpat refill! Our water stations are your untapped marketing platform.


Our products are designed with smart technology and link to online management systems. Access the data you need for maintenance, servicing, marketing and sustainability reporting. From product manufacturing through to every meetpat user, our technology provides you transparency on when it was made, where it lives, how it’s being used, what attention it needs and its environmental impact. Connecting you with our mission to provide safe drinking water for all.

Safe water

Safety drives everything we do, and the safety of our people, communities, environments and the organisations we work with is paramount. BPA free, lead free plumbing system. Global certification. Pentair integrated filtration system.