Design led.

Our products are shaped by innovative industrial design. We believe that form and function are inextricably linked, so that every element has a legitimate purpose but also contributes to a unique aesthetic, a risk free and sustainable outcome.

Technologically advanced.

The role of technology is integral to delivering safe drinking water for all. Advanced electronics and online monitoring systems are utilised to enhance safety and performance of the water stations.



Safety drives everything we do, and the safety of our people, communities, environments and the organisations we work with is paramount.

Purpose driven.

We adhere to the philosophy of putting ‘purpose before profit’ as we pursue our promise of safe drinking water for all. By making fresh, clean, safe drinking water more widely accessible around local communities, we can greatly reduce the need for bottled water and prevent all of the carbon and plastic pollution that goes with it.

We are working towards being certified as a B Corporation, meaning we will be recognised for high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Our commitment to corporate responsibility involves contributing a portion of our audited profit directly to programs for community development and social wellbeing.