Why Buy
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Our products meet global plumbing certification and disability compliance. Extensive design features limit cross contamination and incorporate touch free operation. Technology is integrated so units can be monitored for usage and quality


Made from the highest quality materials, our water stations are made to endure the harshest weather conditions (and treatment by humans) and will generally meet all tender and project specifications. The life of our stations is also extended by modular construction and simple, cost-effective maintenance protocols that are the same for every unit we make.


Products have flexible installation and simple maintenance requirements. Stations can be digitally monitored and provide administrative alerts for efficient maintenance scheduling.


Our stations have a distinguished identity. Create a family feel and recognizable fleet throughout your region. Our products are consistent with easy-to-use functionality. Water stations are customizable with unique branding to create consistent, sympathetic and identifiable access points.


Our water stations are modular, you can customise each one to suit the precise needs of different locations. This gives you the flexibility to invest only what you need, avoiding the potential of under or over-committing in certain locations as may be the case with standardised units.


Our stations can contribute to your organisation’s broader environmental commitments. They offer the potential to lower demand for bottled water and reduce associated plastic pollution. Our enterprise offsets carbon through Reforest Australia and contribute 1% revenue to 1% for the Planet. We are working towards Certified B Corporation, recognised for high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.