Common Questions

How do I find out about pricing?

Please call or email [email protected] for the current pricelist.

Branding and graphics panels, what is the process?

Meet PAT products are defined by their unique ability to promote your brand, an image or message. For full info on graphics/branding jump over to our branding page here.

Can the products be disassembled and/or recycled?

Yes, Meet PAT products are designed for disassembly. Almost all parts can be removed, recycled or replaced without being bonded or glued together. We are actively looking into our full life-cycle analysis of products and end of life recycling.

What is the difference between the portable and permanent unit?

Visually, Meet PAT portable and permanent units appear to look very similar. Aesthetically they are. However only a small amount of components are shared, they key difference between the two ranges are:


The portable units are lightweight – made from lighter components, designed to be transported and quickly set up/pack down, can be connected to an existing “garden” tap, multiple units can be connected together to make a water wall and there are zero installation costs.


The permanent units are stronger and heavier, designed for permanent plumbing and mounting in a single location, with increased vandal, security and graffiti proofing of all parts and finishes.

How long will my order take?

Generally Meet PAT products are assembled and shipped out in 2-4 weeks from artwork approval.

Shipping and international orders. 

Meet PAT ships with TNT for Australian orders. Units are delivered between 2-4 days Australia wide (overnight in most capital cities). The units are delivered assembled and boxed.


Meet PAT ships products worldwide is as working on a number of international service partners. International orders can be send via air freight (shipping generally stakes 7 days worldwide) or via sea (lower cost, generally freight time is 4 weeks).

What does the water meter measure?

The water meter measures volume of water which has passed through the unit. This is calculated for a number of reasons, to know when a filter or service is due, as well as determining data.


Remote monitoring is available on all permanent water stations where users can check, access and download sustainability data.


Do you filter the water?

Yes all Meet PAT water stations come fitted with water filtration We know that Australian water is world class and doesn’t normally require filtration for health and safety aspects, we install filters as a taste consistency safeguard. If not required, units can come without filtration on request.


For portable units, we filter the water due to not knowing the water connection, if the pipes are a little tainted or haven’t been run for a period of time. We filter to ensure that the taste is perfect.


Meet PAT filters the water in a number of ways pending quality and requirement. In Australia, units contain a simple 5 micron carbon filter for taste and odour reduction which can be easily removed if not required. These filters have a lifespan of 6000L or 12 months of use, whatever comes first.


For international units, we can filter in a variety of ways including uv and 3 stage filtration.

Where are your products made?

Meet PAT products are a combination of international and local Australian manufacturing. We design and manufacture the best components we can find, then paint, finish and assemble each unit from our Australian facilities.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Being an owner of a Meet PAT water station we ask you to look after and care for your water station through regular cleaning and maintenance. Often, public amenities (for example toilets) are regularly cleaned however public drinking fountains are often over looked! We want to change this! We know, the cleaner the water station, the better public adoption and users feel the water tastes better. As our machines are unique in their branding ability it is also a reflection on the message portrayed in the unit.


We recommend a clean every 2-4 weeks for permanent outdoor water stations. We’re using data monitoring and usage behaviors to help tailor cleaning based around the units location and number of users per month.


Meet PAT has a number of cleaning teams ready to clean and maintain your water station, email us at [email protected] for the plans and rates.

Meet PAT products are designed, tested and assembled in Australia.