B Corp – meetpat

We are excited to be joining a global community of businesses that meet high standards of social and environmental impact.

meetpat is unique due to the manufacture of its products being led by two Industrial designers. Two mates who were disheartened with the environmental impacts of mainstream manufacturing practices and some of the industry design traits such as designed for obsolescence. This combined with each of them starting a family, inspired them to go out on there own and create a product that consciously focused on improvement of outcomes personally and for society and the environment. They wanted their kids to be proud of the business decisions they were making for their own and future generations.

We engaged in the B Corp certification process as the idea of joining a community of businesses already doing good and B certified gave us strength to commit and persevere, we weren’t alone in giving priority to the quadruple bottom line. We were aware of the efforts of other B Corp certified companies and this inspired us. We wanted an external certification process to verify our efforts and keep us on track for continual improvement.

B stands for Benefit for all. The B Global Network mobilizes the B Corp movement to change our economic system to positively impact all stakeholders — workers, communities, customers, and our planet.

We are joining a movement of people using business as a force for good. As a B Corp, we make a commitment to consider the interests of all stakeholders in our business operations: workers, customers, communities, and the environment. A focus on all stakeholders, rather than only key shareholders. A process of continual improvement.