Leader in Education

Meet PAT is a leading supplier of smart water stations for education. We deliver clean, safe water with less waste and a smaller footprint. We’re eager to support all students in making healthier choices, encouraging positive interactions while being socially and environmentally responsible.

Why are drinking fountains and water so important for students?
Our bodies are 70% water and dehydration reduces our attention and ability to concentrate by 13%. Your brain is around 80% water and plays a vital role in your body’s response to dehydration. Drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day helps to keep us in top shape.

Smart Schools.

See your water usage live. Behind the seamless design is smart technology giving you the complete picture of your water stations. Data to back it up!

Bowral High School NSW Australia.

800 Students | 4 x Water Bottle Refill Stations
16,461 number of users (391 average users per week)
6,765 litres used (161 average litres used per week)

The impact, compared to the equivalent single use plastic bottles: 11,276 Number of bottles saved from landfill, 1,119kg of CO2 emissions saved

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