Say HI to PAT Overseas

With the help and participation of some incredible councils, water authorities and business’, MeetPAT has delivered permanent and portable water stations to the corners of the globe. We currently have stations in Canada, Mexico, Denmark, UK, USA, New Zealand and every state and territory within Australia.

This really affirms to us why we do what we do. Plastic bottles and single-use waste isn’t only a problem in Australia. Being approached by people in different countries makes us realise, its global. As the old saying goes, “many hands make light work”, and we all need to pitch in with our own unique skills and expertise to address the worlds problems. We make water stations with the goal to reduce the production of plastic water bottles, the way we see it, more water stations in public areas, less plastic water bottles.


A massive thank-you to all of the forward thinking individuals and companies that contact us daily. You are helping our cause to a plastic free society and we cannot thank you enough.

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